Why You Need to Consider the Mobile Friendliness Aspect When Selecting an Enterprise E-Commerce Platform

Why You Need to Consider the Mobile Friendliness Aspect When Selecting an Enterprise E-Commerce Platform

The world is the cradle of evolution. Upon the completion of human evolution – as scientist claim – the wheel turned to other areas. Humans are developing new ways of making their lives better. For instance, mail evolved into emails, text, and chats. Call boxes and booths evolved to mobile phones which are moving to smartphones and tablets. Similarly, operating a business on brick and mortar store is on its route to extinction. E-commerce is becoming its replacement – This aspect is an awake up call to moving to an enterprise e-commerce platform. Apart from this, almost everyone owns a smartphone or a tablet. These mobile devices are evolving to become a mobile PC. As this becomes a reality in the e-commerce sector, considering the mobile-friendliness when choosing a platform for your enterprise is crucial. But why? Here are the three reasons:  

It is enhancing the customer experience

 Mobile devices are now part of customers lives. They use them to call text or chat with peers. With the evolution of the internet, mobile devices are turning into shopping tools. Customers no longer want to visit in-stores. Instead, they want to switch on their devices, log on to an online shop, and place their orders. Shortening the transaction period is their preferences. Above all, the customers want to enjoy a similar shopping experience as they do when performing other tasks using their mobile devices. Having an enterprise e-commerce platform thats mobile-friendly helps you to meet the customer’s desires. It enables them to buy your products following a similar procedure as they do when playing online games.

Boosts your SEO performance

Search engine optimization is the basic online marketing tactic. Ranking well on the search engine guarantees you huge organic traffic. As you know, organic traffic consists of customers searching for a particular product. So, their rate of transforming into customers is high. In 2015, Google updated its ranking criteria to include mobile friendliness. This update means that business anchored on an enterprise e-commerce platform prioritizing mobile friendliness will enjoy better rankings than their counterparts. Hence, ensuring your e-commerce website is mobile friendly will earn you a good position on the search engines.

Final thoughts

With the technological advancement taking shape, selling online is becoming critical. Mobile devices are now part of the trends. Customers are using them for online purchases. Hence, when moving online, it is essential to consider the mobile-friendliness aspect of the enterprise e-commerce platform housing your store.  a